Reverse osmosis drinking water filter

Best drinking water at home: Purely filtered and revitalized

Thorough filtering at the molecular level: drinking water is our most important foodstuff, but our tap water in Germany and mineral water are not always free of impurities, such as press reports. Bestwater filter devices free tap water from impurities such as germs, bacteria and viruses, drug and drug residues, antibiotics, hormones, nitrates, pesticides, industrial chemicals, heavy metals, chlorine, lime and much more. Some of our models are even certified to remove radioactive components. Energized drinking water: After the thorough filtering process, the water is re-energized using special HE modules and the invigorating power is given back to the water.

Advantages: German manufacturer • Certified devices and materials • Top technology in a compact design • Long-term solution for decades • Best drinking water always available • No more water to buy

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