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Thorough filtering at the molecular level: drinking water is our most important foodstuff, but tap water are not always free of impurities. Bestwater filter devices free tap water from impurities such as germs, bacteria and viruses, drug and drug residues, antibiotics, hormones, nitrates, pesticides, industrial chemicals, heavy metals, chlorine, lime and much more. Some of our models are even certified to remove radioactive components. Energized drinking water: After the thorough filtering process, the water is re-energized using special HE modules and the invigorating power is given back to the water. Advantages: German manufacturer • Certified devices and materials • Top technology in a compact design • Long-term solutions • Best drinking water always available • No more botteled water to buy

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Devices for Households and Offices

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        • Small Drinking Water Filtration Devices

          Bestwater filter with external tank “22-00 Ultimate” from 996 EUR retail price net Details

        • Compact Drinking Water Filtration Devices

          Bestwater filter with inbuild tank “33-00 Ultimate” from 1.638 € retail price netDetails

        • Drinking Water Filtration Devices Plus

          Compact Bestwater filter with energizing “66-00 Ultimate” from 2.366 € retail price netDetails

        • Direct Flow Water Filtration Device

          High Tech Bestwater directflow filter with energizing “66-10” from 2.928 € retail price netDetails

        • Direct Flow Water Filtration Device Plus

          Bestwater directflow filter with with connection for other devices “66-11” from 3.180 € retail price netDetails

        • Water Filtration and Dispenser Devices

          Bestwater drinking water filter with cold / hot filtered water “25-00” from 1.924 € retail price netDetails

      Comparison Water Filter Devices

Water Filter Devices for Gastronomy

  • Drinking Water Filter Directflow with UV for Gastronomy

    Connection with water bubbler for sparkling water possible “66-12” from 3.386 € retail price netDetails

  • Drinking Water Filter for Gastronomy and Industry

    Made for high demand on filtered water of 6000 or 9.000 litres and more per day in hotels, commercial kitchens or food industry Details

Mobile Water Filter Devices

    • Mobile Water Filter for Travel

      Small and light water filter for mobile use “HT2” from  294 € retail price netDetails

    • Water Filter in a trolley case

      Compact water filter for traveling and events, 800 litres per day “55-00” from 2.258 € retail price netDetails

    • Water filters in cars produce purest drinking water while driving

      Inbuild filter devices for cars and trucksDetails

Bestair Air Purifier

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