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House water filter with anti-limescale 3-way house filter for water softening

Water softening in residential and commercial buildings

House water filter with anti-limescale 3-way house filter for water softening Water pipes throughout the house for residential and commercial use
Modern, highly effective and chemical-free filter material to prevent limescale deposits
House filter against lime in the water

Lime-free, clean kitchen sink, sanitary fittings and shower walls · Electric appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers, electric kettles, irons or coffee makers shine and last longer · Shiny glasses and crockery

No electricity · no chemistry · no salt
99% prevention of limescale
Non-Toxic · Pollution Prevention · Environmentally Friendly Technology · Bacterial Growth Prevention

In Germany many have a problem with hard water. Washing and dishwasher calcify, the pots and kettles are calcified and what the pipes look like can only be guessed. The BestWater 3-way anti-limescale system converts the polluting substances into crystals in an environmentally friendly way. These can then no longer attach to surfaces. The BestWater 3-way anti-limescale system even removes already set lime from the pipes. The BestWater Anti-Limes granulate is a salt-free and non-chemical water treatment agent for hard water for immediate and effective use.

Typical applications of the BestWater house water filter 3-way-anti-limescale system are:

  • House water filters for households, single-family homes, apartment buildings
  • Reverse osmosis pretreatment
  • Dishwashers, dishwashers
  • Ice maker
  • Pools

Domestic water filters for gastronomic and industrial applications:

  • Hotels & Gastronomy Commercial kitchens
  • Cooling towers CIP systems
  • Injection molding machines
  • Industrial washing machines
  • Car Wash

Width: 430 mm Height: 960 mm Depth: 180 mm
Connections IN / OUT 3/4 ”
Max. Water temperature 2 – 38 ° C
Max. Working pressure 6 bar
Max. Flow rate: 2 m³ / h
Max. Hardness: 600 ppm
Orientation: Horizontal
Rinsing time: 5 minutes

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