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Drinking water filters in cars

Drinking water filters in cars: development and production

Traveling with your own vehicle and producing drinking water of spring water quality? It is not a utopia or a dream of the future. Bestwater developed this innovative technology and brought it to market maturity. This means that every conventional motor vehicle, whether gasoline / diesel, hybrid electric vehicles or LPG, can produce clean, pure drinking water while driving. From now on, the car not only ensures mobility, but also becomes a personal drinking water dispenser with the highest water quality. From now on, fresh, pure drinking water is always available everywhere with your own vehicle.

Drinking water production in the car

The drinking water production system developed by BestWater has compact dimensions and can be installed in such a way that it takes up very little or no conventional storage space. The system produces approx. 1.5 – 2 liters of pure, fresh drinking water per hour of vehicle operation. 5-10 liters can be stored in the drinking water storage tank. The pure drinking water can be easily and conveniently removed from the tap in the passenger compartment or in the trunk at the push of a button.

Innovative drinking water production

With the innovative drinking water production system for vehicles, it is possible for every vehicle owner to have an independent drinking water supply, which guarantees access to clean drinking water of spring water quality regardless of the time or region. The drinking water system particularly supports families on trips, frequent drivers, commuters, field workers and many others. The moving, self-sufficient drinking water source in your own vehicle is a step towards the independence of your own drinking water supply – always and everywhere.

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