66-10 Direct Flow Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Device Made in Germany

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The BestWater Jungbrunnen 66-10 molecular filter systems deliver water through the Direct Flow Mode, which means water production with no supply pressure vessel. Compact design and hardly any larger than a standard drink box. The system delivers up to 2,500 litres of pure and energised drinking water each day. Certified among of germs, viruses and any pollution… for removal of radioactive pollutants.

  • Reverse osmosis filtration devices for home and commercial use
  • Removal of up to over 99% of pollutants in drinking water
  • Made in Germany, German engineering and experience for nearly 30 years, production and continuous development close to Berlin/Germany
  • Made of highest-grade components and pollution-free materials (surgical stainless steel, no alloy, no glue, no PVC-softener… in water-bearing components)
  • Officially certified with regard to purity and safety by independent institutes
  • Directflow filtering systems (most advanced technology)
  • Certified for removal of radioactive pollutants
  • High delivery rate of up to 2,500 l/day, gastronomy systems 9,000 l/day
  • Excellent filtration ratio of polluted water : ultra-pure water of nearly 1.2 : 1.0
  • Supplies external devices like medical devices, fridges, coffee machines, dishwashers, washing machines…
  • Stand-alone water dispenser (hot/medium/cold) with inbuilt filtration devices
  • Low maintenance, electronic control
  • Filtration unit models which do not require electricity
  • Mobile and self-sufficient filtration systems
  • Water energizing
  • extensive delivery equipment (special water tap from stainless steel, safety water stopper…)

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Innovative, powerful and efficient drinking water filter system

  • Ideal for families and modern households with high standards
  • Pure drinking water fresh at any time, produced in seconds by DIRECT FLOW TECHNOLOGY

Thanks to an optimized filtration process with a reverse osmosis membrane, the Jungbrunnen 66-10 is able to filter up to 99% * of all unwanted substances out of the water and to supply pure drinking water in spring water quality. The water is pressed through a membrane, which is only permeable to water molecules. Among other things, metals, herbicides and pesticides, chlorides, nitrates and hydrocarbons are filtered out. Drug residues, bacteria, viruses and hormones are also removed from the tap water. This Jungbrunnen 66-10 facility is even certified to remove radioactive substances from the water.

Three pre-filter cartridges with sediment filters and activated carbon from coconut shells remove particles, impurities, chlorine and organic substances from the water in advance. Maintenance: Changing the prefilters is easy. The pre- and post-filters can be replaced with little effort.

The tap is made entirely of stainless steel. No alloys are used that contain heavy metals such as Contain copper, lead, chrome or brass and can release it into the water. The risk of creeping poisoning is thus avoided.

More comfort and possibilities through intelligent control

With the fountain of youth 66-10, BestWater implemented a concept for water filter systems that convinces with innovation, performance and variety. This new technology in water filter systems works with a PLC (programmable logic controller), which offers more convenience than analog water filter systems. The PLC automatically carries out rinsing processes of the water filter system before and after the production of pure drinking water, and monitors filter changes, water quality and other parameters. Best drinking water in a carefree concept for maximum comfort.

With its compact design, the fountain of youth 66-10 fits into even the smallest kitchen. With a size of about a raised water box and the high production capacity at the push of a button, this water filter offers an outstanding size / performance ratio with the highest drinking water quality. With its two reverse osmosis membranes, the Jungbrunnen 66-10 filters up to 99 percent of all foreign substances from the water, as the analyzes by BEWAG have shown and have been certified.

Directflow technology and energization

Vital, energized drinking water can always be freshly produced in seconds. Thanks to Direct-Flow technology, no storage in a tank is necessary and therefore always guarantees fresh drinking pleasure. With the Aqua-Lith Crystal Energy Module and the high-performance energizing module, the pure water is energized and revitalized in many ways to give the water back its original strength. Information about energizing the water


It is installed in one of your kitchen cupboards near the sink. It is a normal chiller connection that any installer can do. On request, we will contact our Bestwater installers in your area.

Produkt-Broschüre Jungbrunnen 66-10 PDF

What do we do differently from others? Das Besondere an Bestwater

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Vorratstank: Nein
Wasser Detektor: Water-Stopper
Maße Jungbrunnen 66-10 420 mm x 295 mm x 455 mm
Liter pro Tag: 2500 l
Entnahmehahn: Edelstahl

Additional information

Weight 19 kg
Dimensions 42 × 29 × 45 cm

Edelstahl-Entnahmehahn matt, Edelstahl-Entnahmehahn glänzend, 3-Wege-Entnahmehahn matt, 3-Wege-Entnahmehahn glänzend


Gehäuse weiß, Gehäuse blau


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