Drinking Water filter Jungbrunnen 22-00 Ultimate

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The molecular filter system Jungbrunnen 22-00 ULTIMATE is a basic version and ideal for a single household or a second home. The Jungbrunnen 22-00 ULTIMATE is equipped with a stainless steel extraction tap and is also delivered ready for operation. The space requirement and the requirements for the water connection are very low. The Jungbrunnen 22-00 system requires a footprint that is approximately the same size as a 3/4 mineral water box – and this, along with the storage tank.

Unbeatable values

Among other things, the ULTIMATE series impresses with its performance in permeate production. Of the Jungbrunnen 22-00 ULTIMATE is no exception and produces up to 150 liters of the finest, purest drinking water per day, that is 6.25 liters per hour. At the same time the permeate (ultrapure water) is retentate (Wastewater) ratio at 1: 2.5.



The space requirements and the demands on the water are very low. The fountain of youth 22-00 system has a footprint that corresponds to about the order of 3/4 mineral water box – and this, together with storage tank.

Unbeatable values

The ULTIMATE series stands among other things by their performance in the permeate production. The fountain of youth 22-00 ULTIMATE there is no exception and produces up to 150 liters of the best, pure drinking water per day, ie 6.25 liters per hour. Simultaneously, the permeate (ultrapure water) is to retentate (waste water) ratio is 1: 2.5.

Triple prefiltration

The fountain of youth 22-00 ULTIMATE has three filtration elements that are distributed in the two quick-change cartridges. It should be emphasized in addition to the cartridge of polyester and polypropylene foam of the unprägnierte activated carbon block from coconut shells. Both filter cartridges particles, impurities, chlorine and organic matter from the water.

Space-saving design

Thanks to the narrow body of the fountain of youth is 22-00 ULTIMATE with the 5 liter supply pressure vessel in the smallest kitchen space. Almost everywhere a common water supply is available, the system can be connected. the assembly under the sink in the kitchen, but also in an adjacent enclosure is preferred installation can be easily and compactly in the basement or in the storeroom realized.

Easy installation

The installation of the fountain of youth 22-00 ULTIMATE is as easy as never before. All components are pre-installed and ready for use. The fountain of youth 22-00 ULTIMATE is equipped with a stainless steel water tap. only the lines need to be installed with the quick release system. All connections are on the side and thus permit the mounting of the system in each area under the sink.

Simplified maintenance

Within a very short time and with very little effort, the annual replacement at the fountain of youth can be carried out from 22 to 00 ULTIMATE. After the reservoir pressure tank is emptied, you can unscrew the old pre- and post-filters with casing and the new simply screw – as simple as opening the lid of a bottle and close. The system must be dismantled cumbersome neither be removed nor.

Specification summary

Dimensions (height x width x depth) 460 mm x 300 mm x 140 mm
Weight without water 6 kg
Water flow pressure minimum 2,5 bar *
Water flow pressure maxmal 7,0 bar *
Water production within 24 hours 150 l *
Water production per hour 6.25 s *
Water production per minute 0.1 L *
Pure water sewage ratio 1: 2.5 *
Raw water requirement per minute that. 0.4 L *
Cold water supply 3/4 “

* Consumption data can vary depending on water pressure, water hardness, water inlet temperature, room temperature of the specified values. The above values ​​correspond to a flow pressure of 4.0 bar to the water connection.

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 46 × 30 × 14 cm

Edelstahl-Entnahmehahn matt, Edelstahl-Entnahmehahn glänzend, 3-Wege-Entnahmehahn matt, 3-Wege-Entnahmehahn glänzend


Gehäuse weiß, Gehäuse blau, Gehäuse schwarz


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