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Quick help against air pollutants

Often particulate matter is responsible for asthma

Across Europe, asthma is triggered by fine dust in every third child. Reduced stress levels could significantly reduce the number of new cases. What do air pollutants contribute to the development of childhood asthma? Scientists answered this question using data from more than 63 million children from 18 EU countries. To do so, they correlated the disease with exposure to PM2.5 particulate matter, NO2 and soot in the outside air. Particulate matter contributes to asthma across Europe in 33% of cases. With 23% nitrogen dioxide is involved, soot with 15%. By complying with the WHO recommendations for PM2.5 particulate matter, 66,667 cases of childhood asthma could be prevented every year across Europe – around 11% of new cases. If it were possible to bring the particulate matter pollution down to its minimum value (0.4 μg / m³), ​​it would even reduce 191,883 asthma cases … Source -is-fine dust-responsible-for-asthma /

AIR POLLUTION: Particulate matter detected in the placenta

Tiny soot particles inhaled by the pregnant woman end up in the fetal circulation. The dirtier the air, the higher the load. For the health of the baby this does not bode well … Source

Air pollutants break your hair

Organic pollutants damage the fine structure and promote UV damage in the hair … Damage caused by thick air: If the hair becomes straw-colored and stained, it is not always faulty care. Even a strong air pollution can measurably damage the hair structure, as a study reveals. Accordingly, organic air pollutants lead to the destruction of pigments and the finest fractures. In addition, they increase the harmful effects of UV radiation in the sun, as the researchers report. Source

Does air pollution promote mental illness?

Does bad air increase the risk of serious mental illness? Researchers from the US and Denmark report that a study … Air pollution may influence the incidence of mental illness. This is the conclusion of a study with health and environmental data from the US and Denmark. The scientists around Atif Khan and Andrey Rzhetsky from the University of Chicago found in regions with particularly poor air quality increased numbers of cases of bipolar disorders and other diseases, as reported in the journal “PLOS Biology” … Source / Germany world / science / promotes air pollution-mental disorders; art2806,6867935

Air pollutants affect the whole body

Researchers in the US and Denmark have collected millions of data and read that bad air can increase the risk of mental illness. In Europe, the city of Paris often struggles with extremely polluted air. Environmental activists point out this. The figures on the fountain at the Place de la Concorde get put on respirators. Dirty air may affect the risk of mental illness. With this approach, researchers from the US provide for discussion. The team around Atif Khan and Andrey Rzhetsky from the University of Chicago had collected health data in the USA and Denmark … Source out-75118297

Even low levels of air pollution can damage your lungs, as well as smoking one pack a day

Inhaling polluted air can affect a person’s health as well as the daily smoking of a pack of cigarettes. This emerges from a study published Tuesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association. It is the first of its kind to give a long-term overview of the role of various air pollutants in the development of emphysema. The results show that air pollution can severely damage the lungs … Source -per day/

Air pollution as dangerous as a pack of cigarettes

Polluted air, and in particular the increasing ozone associated with climate change, accelerates the progression of emphysema. Air pollution can have harmful effects similar to smoking a pack of cigarettes daily, according to a new study conducted in several major US cities … Source -Gesellschaft-and-politics / 20190814-air pollution-dangerous-as-zigaretten.html

Air pollution Particulates: Underestimated risk to heart and vessels

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