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Healthy and high-energy drinking water

Bestwater fountain systems with the new energization

Bestwater’s fountain of youth systems use nanofiltration to almost completely free your tap water from all foreign substances and germs. Now, water is not just a carrier of substances, but also of information and energy. You can even see that under an electron microscope! Energizing the water is therefore an important step in further improving the quality and thus the bioavailability of the water
purified water. Pollutant information still stored in the high purity water is thereby superimposed with information corresponding to the
produced drinking water to return the structure of original spring water and give it its refreshing and invigorating powers.

Healthy and high-energy water – as it gushes from an artesian source – can not be compared with the water from pipelines. This fresh and precious spring water often comes from a depth of several hundred meters and takes thousands of years of maturity to re-emerge. With an oscillation frequency of 1013 Hertz, this water has the same bioresonance as the vibrational energy that controls our cell functions. This biophoton energy activates our body cells and protects them from serious negative influences by our environment. This makes it ideal for cell cleaning and purification of the body.


BestWater offers you a water treatment system based on reverse osmosis. Using this method, it is possible to remove up to 99% of the substances in the water, eg. As pathogens, bacteria, heavy metals, drug residues, radioactive particles, etc. The unique combination of different components reliably contaminant information is superimposed and the purified water is raised to the energy level of an artesian source. The high-purity and high-energy water is beneficial to your body and can positively affect your overall well-being.


After purification in the molecular filter, the water in the energization module undergoes several natural bio-physical processes. This is how the water gets back its original vitality. The inner water structure now corresponds to the vibration build-up of spring water molecules.
Filtering devices with energization

Drinking water filter Jungbrunnen 66-00 ULTIMATE with energizing

At the Jungbrunnen 66-00, the tap water is treated at the beginning of the cleaning in the prefilter system. In the sediment filters it is cleaned of suspended particles and coarse particles and the activated carbon filter binds the gases dissolved in the water. The now treated water then enters the molecular filter where it is freed of all impurities by reverse osmosis. Under pressure, the water is forced through a multi-layer microporous membrane whose pores are so small that only water molecules can pass them. All larger molecules are retained at a rejection rate of up to 99% and beyond by the membrane and directed into the drain.

The purified water flows through the high-performance Energetisierungs module and enters the reservoir pressure vessel. Before being removed, the water still flows through the Aqua-Lith-Crystal-Energy module. These processes are necessary because the water has lost much of its energy potential on its way through the molecular filtration system. In these modules, the water regains its original power and vitality so that it tastes like fresh spring water.
Drinking water filter Jungbrunnen 66-00 ULTIMATE

Drinking water filters Jungbrunnen 66-10 and 66-11 with energizing

The water flowing into the Jungbrunnen 66-10 and Jungbrunnen 66-11 is prepared in the prefilter system for water purification. The activated carbon filter binds the gases dissolved in the water and both sediment filters remove coarse particles and suspended matter from the water, leaving the fine pores of the membrane free. The water then enters the molecular filter and is cleared of all contaminants by reverse osmosis. After reverse osmosis purification, the water is chemically clean, but still carries the information of the pollutants it had previously encountered. Therefore, it flows through two Energetisierungsmodule before the removal: the high-performance Energetisierungs module and the Aqua-Lith-Crystal Energy module. Both modules give the water its energizing and revitalizing effect, so that it tastes like fresh spring water.
Drinking water filter Jungbrunnen 66-10 Directflow
Drinking water filter Jungbrunnen 66-11 Directflow with supply of external devices

The high performance energizing module

All components of the 12-fold Energetisierung are now contained in a single system to return the tap water after cleaning by reverse osmosis its energizing and invigorating powers. After the water has been purified using reverse osmosis, it has lost much of its energy potential. Now it flows through the high-performance Energetisierungs module (HE module) before removal.

BestWater’s High Power Energizing System includes the following 12 energization methods:

  • Biophoton Energizing 1013 Hertz
  • rock crystal
  • Glass generator with the original healing vibrations of the Lourdes, Fatima and Mecca waters
  • Stainless steel spiral for swirled water
  • Bovis generator
  • Zeolite mineral
  • Glass generator with the seven-color frequency spectrum of sunlight
  • Amethyst Gemstone
  • Glass generator to relieve radioactivity
  • Coral sand from the Caribbean
  • Schungit
  • EM-X® Ceramic Pipes

When the water flows through all these components, it becomes vitalized, resonates with the human body and has a harmonizing effect. You will immediately notice the difference to conventional water!

Filtering devices with energization


The biophysicist Prof. dr. Fritz-Albert Popp discovered a few decades ago that living cells emit a very weak light radiation, so-called photons. Since only living cells emit photons, he described them as biophotons. These biophotons have a very high natural frequency of 1013 Hz (10 trillion oscillations per second). The stronger this photon radiation is, the healthier and more viable the cell is. A healthy, fully-viable human has so much of this energy that you could use it to light a 100-watt incandescent bulb. If this energy is weakened, it has an effect on the functioning of organs and tissues, which manifests itself on a physical level in the form of “illnesses”. The state of order and the water balance of the living cell are interconnected. This can be recognized, for example, from the fact that nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy can differentiate normal tissue from tumor tissue, because cancerous tissue has a significantly higher water content.


The rock crystal is a light source. He has a strong cleansing property on blood vessels, veins and coronary arteries. It promotes blood circulation, has a beneficial effect on the glands and controls the production of red and white blood cells. Furthermore, it has a very calming effect on the nervous system. The rock crystal protects and cleanses our aura, dissolving blockages in our body and bringing us a lot of energy. With rock crystal you can prepare a tasty drinking water from molecularly filtered tap water, by putting a larger rock crystal into one overnight
Pitcher gives. This water cleanses the whole body and has a very energizing effect.


(Quartz sand, iron, rock crystal)
As part of our operational research, we have developed tube-shaped glass generators with different vibration patterns.
The following information is modulated in the energy field of the tube:

  • Original healing vibration of the healing springs of Lourdes, Fatima and Mecca
  • Vibrations of the full spectrum of sunlightOptimization of oxygen binding in water
  • Turbulence of the water
  • Optimization of both positively and negatively charged ions
  • Tachyon
  • Oscillation pattern of the rock crystals amethyst, sodalite and others

All these vibration patterns result in a cell renewal drink.


In order to reverse the process of energetic devaluation of the tap water, the system “turbulence returns energy” is copied from the natural water supply and the water is spirited by a spiral. This process gives the water its energy back. So it can be better absorbed and utilized by humans, animals and plants.

Experiments showed that vortexed water tastes better. All natural systems, whether whirlpools, typhoons or in the animal kingdom (skin of the sharks, scales of the fish or the feathers of the birds) produce eddies and thus clever diversions, which are eg. For example, the condor can go so far that this animal can fly for hours without a single flapping of wings – only by optimal use of the winds and the generation of the vortex by his flying apparatus. This effect is mimicked by the turbulence of BestWater water.


In a special, very high-quality plastic material, 2.8% water is stored microfine. This water was energized by a Bovis generator by optimizing molecular ordering. The plastic carrier material passes the information stored in the water back to water and water-containing matter. This creates a molecular building chain reaction. The optimal value for the human body is defined as 6,500 Bovis units and the human is in energetic equilibrium. The organism can function ideally and effectively in this state. Our current life circumstances can bring the energy balance out of balance. Pollutants in water and food, as well as chemical additives, not only harbor risks, they also provide insufficient energy for the body.

Often this can be expressed in the form of physical and mental illnesses. With the Bovis generator it is easy to increase the energy status. The energy value of the Bovis generator has about 90,000 Bovis units. Tap water, on the other hand, has about 1,000 Bovis units, often even much less down to the negative range.


Zeolites, of which there are about 150 different species, are hydrous framework silicates. They are mined in quarries in large blocks and mechanically processed. These zeolites contain up to 14 percent crystal-bound water that was trapped in the rock millions of years ago and that has never been exposed to pollutants and contaminants that are changing and polluting the water in many ways today. The most valuable zeolite used in BestWater’s fountain of youth systems is the so-called clinoptholite. This zeolite has a huge surface area due to its porosity: one gram has a contact area for the passing water of 60 square meters. Clinoptilolite is also used in the medical field to dissipate ammonium and heavy metals.


The natural light spectrum of sunlight, also called the seven-color spectrum, is part of the entire cosmic frequency spectrum. All life on earth originates, develops and exists in a frequency range of this light spectrum from 390 to 780 nanometers. The ever-increasing technical progress brings us many reliefs, but its frequency patterns usually move outside the natural light spectrum. This permanently deprives us of life energy and increasingly burdens our lives. Thanks to the BestWater energizing technology, water is restored to its natural primary information, which corresponds to the influence of natural sunlight. It thus returns to the water the information that an organism needs in order to permanently develop vitality and life. Natural resonant frequencies in reprocessing with BestWater energizing technology restore the natural parameters in the energy spectrum of the water. Our entire hormone balance is controlled and responds to the vibration behavior of the light. As we spend more than 90% of our lives in artificially lit rooms, the resulting health effects become more and more serious. Thus, the water vitalized with the high-performance energizing module becomes more and more important.


The general opinion is that amethyst has a relaxing effect on the body and mind. It promotes concentration and inner peace on a mental, spiritual and mental level. In order to avoid the consequences of external overstimulation or mental stress, the amethyst should serve to be able to filter out essentials from the unimportant, without losing track. To achieve a good mental effect, the amethyst should not be too dark. In case of doubt prefer a track too bright than too dark. When used in the field of stone engraving, the natural healing tears of the amethyst should be clearly visible – especially when it comes to the mental effect. Mentally, the amethyst is supposed to have a calming effect.

GLASS GENERATOR “Relieving Radioactivity”

The nuclear disaster at Fukushima contaminated the air, soil and water with large amounts of radioactive material.
The water is the element that spreads natural, but also information about the clutter around the globe. The radioactive disruption information spread so quickly around the world. Soon not only the seawater, but also the groundwater and the drinking water were fully enriched with radioactive information. In humans and animals developed rapidly such symptoms as weakness, restlessness and heart disorders to tachycardia, skin rashes, itchy skin, thyroid and other glandular stresses, which are in the feeling of being driven, to name but a few.

In the homeopathic treatment of patients in the period immediately after the Fukushima disaster until today, it is noticeable that the usual healing reactions to given remedies are extremely slowed or even absent. Intensive research has shown that the treatment blocks break down when the subjects receive a “basic treatment” against radioactivity. Shortly after such a treatment, they are again “normally” reactive. It is not a treatment against a material poison, but the dissolution of a reaction blockade. It proves necessary to free the fluid balance of every living being from radioactive information. As a result, the energy flow of humans (and also of the animal) is restored and dynamic and vitality again achieved.

These experiences require effective action and were the basis for BestWater’s decision to equip its Jungbrunnen 66 series with a radioactive water discharge module. Thus, many people, animals and even plants can transform the energy blockages, which have arisen from radioactive information, into life dynamics by drinking BestWater.


The coral sand or the sandy coral fossils are crushed fossilized skeletons of hermatypical or reef-forming corals in a tropical or subtropical marine area, which have a large number of pores. The coral sand, as occurs in nature, or the coral sand, which is heat treated by washing after removal of a certain degree of salinity, can thus absorb fine particles that float in the water, as well as loosen materials in the water and remove them from the water Remove water. In particular, when the coral sand is heat treated, the size of the pores increases from about 10 to 50 microns. Furthermore, the coral fossils or coral sand per se have a bacteria-growth-inhibiting effect.


Shungite is a unique mineral from Karelia in the northeast of Russia and forms a globally unique special form of carbon called a fullerene. It is so unique because carbon fullerenes occur only in the cosmos and not on Earth. It is therefore assumed that the shungite rock also has a cosmic origin, especially as the western shore of Lake Onega is its only reference. The fullerenes in shungite are incredible
Healing properties: they detoxify, cleanse the body of heavy metals and fight free radicals without consuming them. The fullerenes act as a catalyst by absorbing and then releasing toxins into their molecular network without chemical bonding. Therefore, the effect of the shungite is inexhaustible. Shungite was recognized as fullerene in 1985. The structure is spherical and regularly composed of hexagons and pentagons. He harmoniously combines the sun structure (6-star of the honeycomb) with the earth structure (5-star, symbol of man). Shungite creates a pulsating field of life energy and is irrepressible in it.

Shungite contains a maximum of positive energy in an infinite reservoir, it heals physically and psychologically, connects spirit and matter, and gives the soul inner peace. From the outside, it is inconspicuously gray to black in color, but its aura shines in purest gold.


The gray EM-X® Ceramic Pipes enhance the quality, taste and redox potential of water through stored EM information. In addition, the pipes release their stored, positive EM information to the water, reduce the size of the water clusters, and provide improved uptake for all living cells. The EM information not only energizes the water, it also removes negative information in the water by reducing the size of the water clusters. Energizing and reviving crystal, zeolite and amethyst enhance well-being ideal for people.

Filtering devices with energization

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