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Quick help against air pollutants

Often particulate matter is responsible for asthma

Across Europe, asthma is triggered by fine dust in every third child. Reduced stress levels could significantly reduce the number of new cases. What do air pollutants contribute to the development of childhood asthma? Scientists answered this question using data from more than 63 million children from 18 EU countries. To do so, they correlated the disease with exposure to PM2.5 particulate matter, NO2 and soot in the outside air. Particulate matter contributes to asthma across Europe in 33% of cases. With 23% nitrogen dioxide is involved, soot with 15%. By complying with the WHO recommendations for PM2.5 particulate matter, 66,667 cases of childhood asthma could be prevented every year across Europe – around 11% of new cases. If it were possible to bring the particulate matter pollution down to its minimum value (0.4 μg / m³), ​​it would even reduce 191,883 asthma cases … Source -is-fine dust-responsible-for-asthma /

AIR POLLUTION: Particulate matter detected in the placenta

Tiny soot particles inhaled by the pregnant woman end up in the fetal circulation. The dirtier the air, the higher the load. For the health of the baby this does not bode well … Source

Air pollutants break your hair

Organic pollutants damage the fine structure and promote UV damage in the hair … Damage caused by thick air: If the hair becomes straw-colored and stained, it is not always faulty care. Even a strong air pollution can measurably damage the hair structure, as a study reveals. Accordingly, organic air pollutants lead to the destruction of pigments and the finest fractures. In addition, they increase the harmful effects of UV radiation in the sun, as the researchers report. Source

Does air pollution promote mental illness?

Does bad air increase the risk of serious mental illness? Researchers from the US and Denmark report that a study … Air pollution may influence the incidence of mental illness. This is the conclusion of a study with health and environmental data from the US and Denmark. The scientists around Atif Khan and Andrey Rzhetsky from the University of Chicago found in regions with particularly poor air quality increased numbers of cases of bipolar disorders and other diseases, as reported in the journal “PLOS Biology” … Source / Germany world / science / promotes air pollution-mental disorders; art2806,6867935

Air pollutants affect the whole body

Researchers in the US and Denmark have collected millions of data and read that bad air can increase the risk of mental illness. In Europe, the city of Paris often struggles with extremely polluted air. Environmental activists point out this. The figures on the fountain at the Place de la Concorde get put on respirators. Dirty air may affect the risk of mental illness. With this approach, researchers from the US provide for discussion. The team around Atif Khan and Andrey Rzhetsky from the University of Chicago had collected health data in the USA and Denmark … Source out-75118297

Even low levels of air pollution can damage your lungs, as well as smoking one pack a day

Inhaling polluted air can affect a person’s health as well as the daily smoking of a pack of cigarettes. This emerges from a study published Tuesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association. It is the first of its kind to give a long-term overview of the role of various air pollutants in the development of emphysema. The results show that air pollution can severely damage the lungs … Source -per day/

Air pollution as dangerous as a pack of cigarettes

Polluted air, and in particular the increasing ozone associated with climate change, accelerates the progression of emphysema. Air pollution can have harmful effects similar to smoking a pack of cigarettes daily, according to a new study conducted in several major US cities … Source -Gesellschaft-and-politics / 20190814-air pollution-dangerous-as-zigaretten.html

Air pollution Particulates: Underestimated risk to heart and vessels

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Overview Comparison Reverse osmosis drinking water filter for private household

Bestwater Filters for Drinking Water – Water Filtration Devices Direct from the Manufacturer

Certified Technology · High-quality pollution-free materials · BestWater reverse osmosis filters from one of the leading manufacturers. Reliable systems to remove pollutants from the water. Equipped with multiple filter stages, high-quality membranes, automatic control and energizing modules. BestWater filter systems produce purest fresh and vital drinking water. The new generation of Direct Flow systems in compact design fulfills high quality standards and set global standards in the safe drinking water for households and commercial use. Made in Germany*

Jungbrunnen 22-00 Ultimate Jungbrunnen 33-00 Ultimate Jungbrunnen 66-00 Ultimate Jungbrunnen 66-10 Jungbrunnen 66-11
Filtering capacity per day 150 liter 150 liter 300 liter 2.500 liter 2.500 liter
5 l tank external 5 l tank in the case 7,5 Tank in the case Tank not necessary 12 l tank for external devices (45 l, 75 l possible)
Reverse Osmosis Reverse Osmosis Reverse Osmosis Directflow Reverse Osmosis Directflow Reverse Osmosis
without electricity without electricity without electricity Electricity connection 220V Electricity connection 220V
Energizing Aqualith Cristal Energy Aqualith Cristal Energy Aqualith Cristal Energy + HE Energizing Aqualith Cristal Energy + HE Energizing Aqualith Cristal Energy + HE Energizing
Ultrapure water ratio 1 : 2,5 Liter 1 : 2,5 Liter 1 : 2 Liter 1 : 0,8 Liter 1 : 0,8 Liter
Pre-filter, installation material, water stopper, stainless steel faucet included
High quality filter membranes included in the warranty – available in different colors High quality filter membranes included in the warranty – available in different colors High quality filter membranes included in the warranty – available in different colors Radioactive material removal certification – Electronically controlled flushing –
High quality filter membranes included in the warranty – available in different colors
Supply of external devices such as dishwasher, washing machine, refrigerator, coffee machine – High quality filter membranes included in the warranty – available in different colors
Costs Exchange Filter 123 Euro 148 Euro 148 Euro 123 Euro 123 Euro
Wight 6 kg 10,6 kg 12,5 kg 19 kg 19 kg
Size H 460 / B 300 / T 140 mm H 380 / B 270 / T 400 mm H 410 / B 310 / T 463 mm H 421 / B 295 / T 430 mm H 421 / B 295 / T 430 mm

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Water canisters for drinking water free from pollutants without plasticizer

Pollutant-free water canisters from Bestwater

  • Free of bisphenol A
  • Made of food-safe, pure polypropylene
  • Leave in “natural color” – free of any dyes
  • 7 or 10 liters capacity
  • For filtered drinking water suitable for reverse osmosis filter systems
  • With large filling opening for easy and convenient cleaning
  • Perfect for vacation, travel, camping events, garden and other out door activities
  • Practical shape for ideal storage in the refrigerator
  • With practical, permanently mounted removal tap made of food grade polypropylene
  • The canisters are lightweight, space-saving, portable, robust and durable

Drinking water canisters for holidays, garden, travel and events

Water canister made of pure, food-safe polypropylene with 7 or 10 liter capacity. With tap and convenient to tap water. The canisters fit in the fridge or can be placed on the kitchen counter. The large opening ensures easy and thorough cleaning of the canister.

Even as a mobile water source, the canister is handy. With a large handle, it can be easily transported. Due to the robust material, the water canister is very well suited for all out-door activities such as holidays, travel, camping, barbecues, open-air concerts, tents, allotments, fishing trips or boat trips.

Water canisters to provide friends and acquaintances with filtered drinking water
Best suited for reverse osmosis water

For filtered drinking water suitable for reverse osmosis filter systems. Pure, unaltered PP is food safe and guarantees bisphenol A free. The canisters are “natural” because the polypropylene granules are white / transparent in their pure form. This places special emphasis on the safety of the material for contact with food (drinking water).

Plasticizer test: New DEKRA test reports are in great shape

At the present time, the quality of materials and materials is particularly important. BestWater pays close attention to the composition of the plastics used. For example, we again had all the important components of the current water filter systems tested for plasticizers at DEKRA. As expected, the result was excellent. *

Overview pollutant-free water canister and bottles

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House water filter with anti-limescale 3-way house filter for water softening

Water softening in residential and commercial buildings

House water filter with anti-limescale 3-way house filter for water softening Water pipes throughout the house for residential and commercial use
Modern, highly effective and chemical-free filter material to prevent limescale deposits
House filter against lime in the water

Lime-free, clean kitchen sink, sanitary fittings and shower walls · Electric appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers, electric kettles, irons or coffee makers shine and last longer · Shiny glasses and crockery

No electricity · no chemistry · no salt
99% prevention of limescale
Non-Toxic · Pollution Prevention · Environmentally Friendly Technology · Bacterial Growth Prevention

In Germany many have a problem with hard water. Washing and dishwasher calcify, the pots and kettles are calcified and what the pipes look like can only be guessed. The BestWater 3-way anti-limescale system converts the polluting substances into crystals in an environmentally friendly way. These can then no longer attach to surfaces. The BestWater 3-way anti-limescale system even removes already set lime from the pipes. The BestWater Anti-Limes granulate is a salt-free and non-chemical water treatment agent for hard water for immediate and effective use.

Typical applications of the BestWater house water filter 3-way-anti-limescale system are:

  • House water filters for households, single-family homes, apartment buildings
  • Reverse osmosis pretreatment
  • Dishwashers, dishwashers
  • Ice maker
  • Pools

Domestic water filters for gastronomic and industrial applications:

  • Hotels & Gastronomy Commercial kitchens
  • Cooling towers CIP systems
  • Injection molding machines
  • Industrial washing machines
  • Car Wash

Width: 430 mm Height: 960 mm Depth: 180 mm
Connections IN / OUT 3/4 ”
Max. Water temperature 2 – 38 ° C
Max. Working pressure 6 bar
Max. Flow rate: 2 m³ / h
Max. Hardness: 600 ppm
Orientation: Horizontal
Rinsing time: 5 minutes